[clug] Wreless Network Over Belconnen

Robert robert at apex.net.au
Sat Jul 3 09:08:32 GMT 2004

A technique that has been reported to work for some people is as follows.
Ask for your line to be "upgraded" to ISDN. That forces telstra to 
install straight copper. Then after 3 months or whatever the minimum 
contract period is, cancel the ISDN and ask for adsl.

Obviously there are no guarantee's. But supposedly it can work.

Irena and Richard Jenkins wrote:

> I've just come through a negotiation phase with Testra about my phone line ... 
> in Flynn ... and it appears that at some time in the past 30 years some 
> equipment was added to the line to improve telephone voice quality.  Now 
> Telstra will not remove it/upgrade the line to the exchange so that it's 
> redundant!!  Upshot of that decision is that although it's only 1 Km to the 
> Melba  exchange and there are ports available ... I cannot get ADSL!  Sorry 
> 'bout that!
> Now after being disappointed by Transact dreams and now Telstra,  I've started 
> to look at alternative technologies.  What's possible in wireless networks 
> for the bottom quarter of Flynn?? 
> Any ideas?...  please email me direct ... or phone 62581228.
> and thanks
> Richard

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