[clug] Cheap TiVos?

Simon Haddon simon at sibern.com.au
Sun Jan 25 08:20:53 GMT 2004

It sounds like a good deal.  Count me in.


Darren Freeman wrote:

>Dear All,
>The BBQ was great, if you didn't come then you missed out big time.
>Thanks Tridge!
>Mainly you would have missed out on seeing Tridge's TiVo. It turns out
>we can get one of our very own, reconditioned from the US, minus hard
>disc, for AU$160. We need an order of 6. I don't know the full details,
>but I suppose the guilty person will reply with them. The US model will
>require some hardware mods in order to replace the NTSC tuner with PAL,
>however if you let the TiVo control your VCR instead you won't have to
>do that. The composite input/output is PAL/NTSC.
>I'm not definitely putting up my hand but I'm considering it. Counting
>myself I think we have four interested people.
>Any comments?
>Have fun,

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