[clug] Cheap TiVos?

Darren Freeman daz111 at rsphysse.anu.edu.au
Thu Jan 22 22:03:27 GMT 2004

Dear All,

The BBQ was great, if you didn't come then you missed out big time.
Thanks Tridge!

Mainly you would have missed out on seeing Tridge's TiVo. It turns out
we can get one of our very own, reconditioned from the US, minus hard
disc, for AU$160. We need an order of 6. I don't know the full details,
but I suppose the guilty person will reply with them. The US model will
require some hardware mods in order to replace the NTSC tuner with PAL,
however if you let the TiVo control your VCR instead you won't have to
do that. The composite input/output is PAL/NTSC.

I'm not definitely putting up my hand but I'm considering it. Counting
myself I think we have four interested people.

Any comments?

Have fun,

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