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Martijn van Oosterhout kleptog at svana.org
Mon Jan 19 20:34:05 GMT 2004

> The other thing to look at is hosting a secondary MX record on a site which is 
> a little more stable, or not likely to update at exactly the same time as the 
> dynamic IP site.
> Then if delivery fails on the first site, then it should fall back to the next 
> lowest MX record and attempt the second. 

Note, if the first site is not available because you logged off. If your
machine logs off and other machine logs in and gets your IP address, two
things can happen:

1. This new machine has no SMTP server, mail goes to your secondary MX
2. This new machine has an SMTP server, mail is bounced to sender

It's just ones of those dumb luck things really. The more windows machines,
the more likely it is to works. The more non-windows machines, the more

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