[clug] [FOR SALE] Well, not really, a REQUEST actually. RAM for Sun SS5

Paul Warren u3292467 at anu.edu.au
Mon Dec 27 05:01:59 GMT 2004

Hi there fellow cluggers, 

hope you had a merry christmas and are looking forward to a happy new 
year :o)

A While ago, I procured a Sun SparcStation 5, and have only now had time 
to try and make it work.  I was going for a Solaris 8 install, just to 
widen my systems admin skills, and will put linux on it eventually, (so 
it can do something useful, like drive my labtam) 

The problem is it needs 64Mb of RAM and I've only got 32.  And it's a 
crazy type of RAM that I don't have any spare sticks of,  It's _almost_ 
like pc133, but the slots just don't quite line up.

So, If anyone has some and would be willing to donate/sell (at least) 
32Mb of this crazy RAM, please contact me off list!

Also, if anyone has some exotic (ALPHA, Sparc, R9000, etc...) hardware 
they don't want to store anymore, I'm looking for stuff, I have a little 
bit of money, but not heaps.

Paul Warren
ANU Supercomputer facility, Access Grid Projects.
u3292467 at anu dot edu dot au

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