[clug] Linux/UNIX laptop?

Pearl pearl.louis at anu.edu.au
Sun Dec 26 18:33:28 GMT 2004


I have a feeling that my desktop is dying on me.  I've been having that 
feeling for a while now but I think that right now it might really be 
starting to begin the final descent.  So, a new computer.  Since I will 
probably be leaving Australia in the middle of next year for a couple of 
years, I want a laptop.  Unfortunately, I'm trying to write my thesis here so 
I need a new computer as quickly as possible.  Actually this is the reason 
why I've been trying valiantly to ignore the dying signs.  I was hoping my 
box would last until at least until I've handed in my thesis...So, some 
advice - what laptops have:

1) Good international warranties.  
2) Good Linux support. And by this I mean works out of the box, not hunt down 
a driver from internet and then spend hours trying to make it work.  I've 
done it before and don't want to repeat the experience.  Not to mention I 
don't have time right now for fiddling around with stuff.  

I've been thinking of getting a Mac.  I like the interface fine, but how well 
do Macs run Linux programs?  Besides the general desktop Linux stuff like 
Gimp, how well does Mac OS X do as a science orientated UNIX laptop?  For 
example, does it have a free Fortran 90 compiler like the Intel one for PCs?  
Will the Fortran 90 programs from Numerical Recipes for UNIX/Linux work on a 
Mac fine? 

Thanks in advance for any help.

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