[clug] Extending wireless range

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Mon Dec 20 23:16:35 GMT 2004

On 20 Dec 2004, at 18:24, Sam Couter wrote:

> Steve Collins <trib at stephencollins.org> wrote:
>> My guess is that a more powerful antenna attached to the router might 
>> improve
>> the situation, but some advice on what to buy would be helpful.  My 
>> guess is
>> that it's going to need to NOT look like an antenna...
> What about putting the wireless router in the roof somewhere, closer to
> your mother's desired working location? Cat5 cable runs can be much
> longer than a few laps all the way around the average house and still
> work fine.

This really belongs on wireless, not linux. But I'll join the community 

I've had great success with simply moving the access point around a few 
feet. This is especially true for situations where you have large metal 
objects near the antenna (not even in line-of-sight). The thing with RF 
is that all metal surfaces (eg: filing cabinets, medicine cabinets, key 
lockers, white goods) are either reflectors or absorbers. Just move the 
access point around - stick it on top of last year's Yellow Pages (the 
dead tree version), put it up on a bookshelf, hold it above your head 
in the middle of the corridor.

Explore the limits that the power and LAN cable will let you get to. If 
the power cable is too short, get an extension cable. Eventually, 
you'll find a location which gives you adequate (but not optimal) 
coverage for both computers.

Do not extend the phone cable - leave the DSL equipment where it is. 
That stuff is pernickety.


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