[CLUG] xorg and nvidia error

freegazer freegazer at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 02:52:40 GMT 2004

looking for some help on a mandrake 10.1beta1 install issue
if anyone has any helpful hints i would be grateful

xorg works fine with the default "nv" driver but when switched to the
(latest) NVidia driver the xserver dies with the (logged) error
<EE>unable to load NVidia module
<EE>no devices found

troubleshooting steps taken
-checked /dev/nv* devices created - they are after a '# modprobe
nvidia' but are removed at reboot
-manually running 
   # modprobe nvidia (no errors given)
   $ startx
   same no devices found error
-insmod fails dismally with invalid module error
-applied multiple config options in both XF86Config and Xorg.conf
-added node devices to modprobe.preload, no good
-added node devices to rc.local, also no good

i am running out of both ideas and clues from google
anyone got any help?
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