[clug] Wierd problem connecting to www.mozilla.organdwww.microsoft.com

Dale Shaw dale.shaw at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 02:06:56 GMT 2004

Getting a bit OT, not that it ever stopped me before..

Maybe you could humour me and try dropping the MTU on the Ethernet
card in the XP box just to rule it in/out. Take it down to 1300 or
something, just to test. It's in the registry, under:

If you have multiple interfaces, there will be multiple {guid} keys.
Just flick through and find the one that has some entries that
correspond to your Ethernet card's settings (IP address etc.). Change
the value of 'MTU' to something low (e.g. 1300), reboot (I assume) and
try it all again.

I doubt this really has anything directly to do with XP misbehaving.
More like the D-Link device or even a host-based firewall blocking
ICMP unreachables (specifically type 3/code 4).

You shouldn't see those ICMP redirects now you've changed the default
gateway to be the D-Link, as Andrew suggested.


On Thu, 16 Dec 2004 12:46:25 +1100, Donovan J. Edye <donovan at edyeweb.com> wrote:
> A,
> > Is there a special reason the XP box has the Music box as it's gateway,
> > rather than the Dlink (40.1)?
> No special reason at the moment. I do want to place an internal firewall on
> .3 and so am setting up all boxes to go to that box. However changing it to
> .1 produces exactly the same result.
> > Enable HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/1.1 through proxy connections,
> Done. Only the proxy one was not enabled
> > plus disable "Show friendly HTTP error messages" so you get some usefull
> feedback,
> > rather than that pathetic "DNS or server error" page.
> I have done so. Strangely I still get the "The page cannot be displayed
> under IE" Checked and there don't seem to be any other settings that would
> make this happen. Any ideas on that one as well?
> "Hauls out Bill Doll and starts stabbing it with pins"
> --D

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