[clug] purchasing DSL modem/router: who can supply?

Drew Parsons Drew.Parsons at anu.edu.au
Mon Dec 13 05:23:53 GMT 2004

My apologies for an annoying commercial email.  When I enquired the
other month about DSL modem/routers, one of you replied saying you could
supply them.  I can't find your email so I'm asking if you could contact
me again.

I'm looking to buy a DSL modem and a Wireless router separately.

Of the modems, the NetComm NB1300PLUS4 looks interesting since it
includes 4 ethernet ports "for free" ($99 at Harris Tech.).  I'm
comparing this to the one my ISP provides (I'm proceeding with Ozemail),
a Dynalink RTA-100+ also $99 but with only 1 ethernet port.

For the wireless router, I figure I'll just join the rest of you getting
a Linksys WRT54G.

Having a router with the modem is just an added extra, I don't need it
since I'll mainly network with the wireless router.  But if it costs the
same price, then why not?  

Does anyone know if the NB1300PLUS4 would be a bad choice, or is there
any reason do go with something else (or with the ISP's preferred
modem) ?


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