[clug] Broadcom 4306-based Airport adapter.

Francis Whittle fudje at phreaker.net
Fri Dec 10 14:52:30 GMT 2004

I know this is unlikely, but anyway.

I just bought a brand-spanking-new 15" Powerbook G4.  The Airport
adapter is not based on the Orinoco chipset, but a Broadcom 4306.  Has
anyone had any success on getting one of these working with Linux (on
PowerPC architecture, obviously, so NDISWrapper around the Windows
driver isn't going to work), or do I definitely need a PCMCIA wireless
card if I want to use it in a WiFi network on Linux? (or try and
reverse-engineer the Darwin driver, a process that would probably revoke
my license for OSX Panther).

Speaking of WiFi, does anyone know of a retailer in Canberra that sells
inline RP-SMA sockets?

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