[clug] ICH5 SATA

Andrew andrew at donehue.net
Thu Dec 9 10:17:57 GMT 2004

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to get a system with ICH5 SATA drives going.... The system 
is Debian/woody with a 2.4.28 kernel (I selected the ICH5 SATA option in 
the SCSI section - as part of the kernel, not as a module ;) )

I can see the drives with a gentoo boot disk - the modules that show it 
are -

libata and
ata_piix (from the top of my head)

The kernel compiles and installs with success (I have the OS on the HDD 
from a working image...).  However when the system reboots and gets to 
lilo I get a lot of

1010101010101010101010 - (etc - going down the screen, really fast).....

Any thoughts? :)


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