[clug] Offtopic/FS: MPEG4/DVD player

clug at d-silva.org clug at d-silva.org
Wed Dec 8 11:30:12 GMT 2004

Hi Folks,

I'm going to be putting through an order for some Zensonic Z330 DVD
players on Friday (Christmas presents for parental units), which as a
super-power can play MPEG4 streams (including XVID and DivX).

If I get more than 10 on the order they are $118 each (wholesale),
otherwise they are $132 each, plus your share of the shipping (probably
a few dollars).

If you are interested, please email me directly, along with whether you
want it at either price, or only the cheaper one.

Specs are at http://www.zensonic.com/z330.php (and yes, I can order
other stuff from that site if you want).

Alastair D'Silva           mob: 0413 485 733
Networking Consultant      fax: 0413 181 661
New Millennium Networking  web: http://www.newmillennium.net.au

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