[clug] spare PIII computers and power supplies for offer

Drew Parsons Drew.Parsons at anu.edu.au
Wed Dec 8 05:55:19 GMT 2004

I have obtained a set of excess computers (no monitor or keyboard).
I'll pass them on cheap to anyone interested. 

The available systems are:

3x PIII 733MHz, 10GB, 128MB, ethernet, floppy boot  Compaq Deskpro EN

1x PIII 650MHz, no HDD,  128MB,  ethernet  HP Vectra VL

1x Celeron 433MHz, 8GB, 128MB, ethernet

2x PII 4GB, 192MB   HP Vectra VL

6x Compaq Redundant Hotplug Power supply  Series ESP108
(esp. for Compaq ProLiant ML530 or ML570 servers)

That's seven computers in total and six power supplies. 

All computers come with CDROM, floppy, sound.
PIIIs carry an MS "Certificate of Authentication" (WinNT or Win2K), if
that's worth anything.

I figure the PIII's will make a decent home server to coordinate
broadband connections (I'm keeping another for that purpose for myself).

The PII's I suppose would be best canniballed to provide a HDD for the
PIII with no drive.

I got them as a full pallet from the US Embassy warehouse, which has
sales every month or so.  The hard drives have been wiped, but you could
practice your forensics on them I guess...

Reply to me to let me know you're interested. 
All reasonable offers considered :)


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