[clug] Powerbook G4

Andrew Pollock andrew-clug at andrew.net.au
Thu Dec 2 01:18:43 GMT 2004

On Wed, Dec 01, 2004 at 08:20:26PM +1100, Andrew Pollock wrote:
> I've got a 15" PowerBook, and I was disappointed by the lack of support for
> the onboard wireless card, and subsequently got corrupted by MacOS X and am
> more or less happily running MacOS X on it instead. I was intending to make
> it primarily a Linux laptop until I discovered how badly Linux supported it,
> and how nice MacOS X was. I feel so dirty...
> But my work Dell D600 runs Linux very nicely indeed, except I have to get
> software suspension working...

So last night, after all this discussion, I thought I'd have another crack
at running Debian. I tried the new rc2 of Debian Installer, and this time
around, (not particularly due to new installer version, but me having more
clue and spare PCMCIA wireless cards), I had a more successful bash at it.

My VAIO recently blew a hard disk, and I got a work laptop, which overall
freed up the wireless card I was using in my VAIO, so I used this in my

Install went good, X worked fine (I've found from recent experience that the
Debconf screen with a list of resolutions is frequently useless, and you're
best off hand-coding a resolution to suit in XF86Config-4).

I'm going to take it out for a spin at lunchtime and do some wardriving
because I haven't in ages.



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