[clug] 2.6 kernel segfaults

Antti xixax at netspace.net.au
Mon Aug 30 15:44:40 GMT 2004


I just built and installed and:
 - building the kernel again whilst in 2.6 gets a GCC segfault (gcc 3.x) 
(make clean; make)
 - Attempting to un-bzip a fresh copy of the kernel gets me errors 
"corrupt bzip2 archive"

So I boot 2.4 and:
 - building the kernel again works just fine (make clean; make)
 - the kernel tarball extracts just fine

And my Windows network shares don't quite work as they should, bash 
filename completion doesn't work past the mount point. Although I'm not 
sure if this has anything to do with tthe segfaults.

Seems kernel related, and the idea that I am writing to a filesystem 
with a kernel that segfaults a range of things is not particularly 
confidence inspiring. Ideas?


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