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I've done similar with a Nagios box, and just used sendmail on the Nagios
box (in this case nagios.domainname.com.au) to send mail as
nagios at domainname.com.au, then forward it through the site's lotus(shudder)
box so it pops into everyone's inbox as nagios at domain.... All that was
required at their lotus end was to set the lotus box to forward mail from
that IP, and create the relevant user in the lotus system so it knew who it
was coming from.

If you need a full walk through, let me know off list and I'll dig one up
from our documentation database. You should be able to modify the smtp
gateway/mail server side of things easily.

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On 2004 Aug 27, , at 3:13 PM, Collins, Steve wrote:

> I have a server which knows it's name:
> [root at nagios_server mail]# hostname
> nagios_server.industry.gov.au
> Yet everything coming out of sendmail sends as, for example,
> nagios at localhost.localdomain.
> What I'd like to do is have mail come out as someuser at industry.gov.au.
>  Any change I make to sendmail doesn't seem to have any affect.  I've
> set the DM/CM config on the box to cover all of the variants I can
> think of:
> DMindustry.gov.au
> CMlocalhost
> CMlocalhost.localdomain
> CMnagios_server.industry.gov.au
> Nothing seems to make any difference.
> Any advice MORE than welcome at this (frustrated) point.
> Steve
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