[clug] Server Hosting

Edgecombe, Scott Scott.Edgecombe at AirservicesAustralia.com
Tue Aug 24 01:10:06 GMT 2004

Hi All,

A couple of friends and I are looking to set up a server so we can share
source and doco with each other over the internet for a distributed
development project.

Two of us are based in rural areas (Murrumbateman and Michelago) and we
are looking for options to either host a server ourselves or put a
server on an ISP's site. The server will only be accessed by 4 to 6
people, we don't need a domain but a fixed IP is necessary as well as
access to the box for backup. We will supply the server. I know e-Smith
best and will use it as the OS rather than Debian or Fedora with Webmin.

Does anyone in the CLUG have experience with this sort of thing? Can
anyone suggest a reliable local ISP who likes Linux? Is it possible to
do this on a tight budget?



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