[clug] [wanted] - Dvorak Keyboard

Damien Elmes clug at repose.cx
Thu Aug 19 00:58:32 GMT 2004

Matt Andrews <wantok at gmail.com> writes:

> having played around with it a little bit myself (but not seriously
> taken up Dvorak), i can say that moving the keys around is a
> second-best solution on many keyboards.  the keys on different rows
> are angled slightly differently, making the reassembled keyboard an
> uncomfortable hodgepodge.  also, it's fiddly, time consuming and prone
> to error.
> if i were actually to take up Dvorak, i'd be looking for a hardwired
> board too.

Or better let, memorise the position of the keys and leave your
existing qwerty stickers on the keyboard. If you're touch typing you
shouldn't be looking down, anyway, and it's great for confusing

Remapping a Japanese keyboard to dvorak is a bit more a pain, though.



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