[clug] Trouble mounting USB drive partitions

Edward C. Lang edlang at tsumakin.net
Fri Aug 13 01:17:14 GMT 2004


On Fri, 2004-08-13 at 11:11 +1000, Brendan Henderson wrote:
> [...]
> And I can issue 'mount /mnt/usbhd1' and 'mount /mnt/usbhd2' and all works
> fine but when issuing 'mount /mnt/usbhd3' I get error 'mount : /dev/sda3 is
> not a valid block device' and the same for 4. Same result with 'mount -t
> vfat /dev/sda3 /mnt/usbhd3' and 4. /mnt/usbhd3 and 4 do exist. Anybody got a
> heads up.

Is this a USB HDD that also has memory card slots? For mine, the first
partition is the internal drive, the second is the compact flash slot,
the third is the SD/MMC slot, and the fourth is the Sony MemoryStick
slot. Of course, mounting the mountpoints for those second, third and
fourth partitions will only succeed if there is media in the relevant





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