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I'm a newbie myself. I think I've been a newbie forever, I wish I could spend more time on it. This is about the first question I might be able to help with, so I'm a bit excited.

I have a lucent chipset winmodem in my IBM 600X thinkpad. I got a driver thingee (called ltmodem) from this site: http://www.samiam.org/linux/600x.html
You'd have to go and have a read and check if it might work with yours (it might/not). But I've had a good experience with it. No problems at all on my laptop.

If you want to find out more about a command or file (for example rpm) then pop up a terminal and try some of these:
man rpm
will give you the manual page for the rpm command. More technical, but handy. Press q to quit. It will show you how to use the command.
info rpm
the info pages for rpm. Less technical, more user friendly. This is a good place to start. Press q to quit.
apropos rpm
Search filesystem for anything apropriate/related to the rpm command.
locate rpm
Search filesystem for rpm in a filename or directory. (This will show you where things are in your filesystem).

If your a newbie there is heaps of information on websites. But I'd really prefer to learn from books, for a number of reasons.
I'd recommend this book:
Which you can get from these people in Sydney:

Hope it helps.

Mark Gilbert
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Hello Tak,

The kernel source is usually included with the mandrake distro.

The rpm can be installed using as su with "rpm -ivh RPMname.rpm"

As a newb you will want to take a look at http://tldp.org/ to find
howto's and manuals for various linux operations.

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I'm a newbie with linux and currently having trouble with Linux
the my internal modem and connecting to the internet.
I have a Netcomm IN5699 int Win modem(it has the Lucent chipset, I
and currently using Mandrake 10 OS.

>From previous post  From: "ALi.J" <aj2468au at yahoo.com>
this is what I can gather and done so far:

I have downloaded the rpm file for mandrake 10 from

Since I'm a newbie, I don't how to use the rpm file.....

Where can I get the full kernel source (all 100 + MB)..???
And what am I suppose to do with it?

I very new to Linux so can you explain the procedures and commands step



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