[clug] SUMMARY: USB to serial port adapter

Dale Shaw dale.shaw at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 01:35:43 GMT 2004

Just thought I'd send a followup to this one...

I ended up buying a Keyspan USA-19HS adapter from the Australian
distributors (fosh.com.au). It's a good quality little thing and so
far I haven't had any trouble with it.

One thing I will say is that while from the outside it seems that
Keyspan have a solid web presence and have a nice support web site
etc, their support absolutely sucks. Before I purchased the adapter I
e-mailed them asking if they could tell me the difference between one
particular USA-19* adapter and another. That was 4 weeks ago and they
still haven't bothered to get back to me. I've sent two 'I was just
wondering when I could expect a response' messages and still got
nothing back. This was after their automated system told me to expect
something within 72 hours.

So, the verdict is: good product (not the cheapest), rubbish user support.


On Fri, 9 Jul 2004 15:55:17 +1000, Dale Shaw <dale.shaw at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anyone recommend a USB to serial port adapter that works under
> Linux? I'm interested in hearing from people that actually have one
> now as opposed to people who can use Google just like me :)
> It looks like the serial driver supports a whole bunch of 'em. The
> keyspan one looks alright - anyone got one?
> cheers
> Dale

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