[clug] SCP from Windows to Linux incredibly slow

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Tue Aug 3 01:09:08 GMT 2004

On  3 Aug 2004, Paul Wayper <paulway at mabula.net> wrote:
> Caller number ten on the help line asks:
> I'm trying to copy some files from my Windows 2000 machine (tangram) to my 
> Fedora Core 2 machine (ludos) via SCP.  I'm using both pscp (of the PuTTY 
> family) and WinSCP; both are incredibly slow - in the order of bytes per 
> second.  The two machines are on 100Mbit network cards, both mostly idle 
> (except for distributed.net, which I have tried stopping to no effect).  A 
> copy in the other direction - dragging a file from ludos to tangram - goes 
> at 350KB/sec - much faster than the direction I want yet still much slower 
> than the theoretical peak network speed.

My first step would probably be to check the speed using some other
bulk TCP protocol like http or ftp.  It's possible it is either an SSH
or lower-level problem.

Someone recently had trouble with misconfigured netmasks (?) causing
wierd network problems.  You might check that the ifconfig output on
both machines is correct.


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