[clug] Why MS Windows isn't ready for the Desktop

Alan Sanderson alans at codefish.net.au
Tue Aug 3 01:03:59 GMT 2004

> "Let's all just say it out loud, "I have used Windows XP, and I have seen
> the blue
> screen of death.""
> I will say it out loud, I have run Win2k for a number of years on one of
> my boxes and
> NEVER seen the blue screen of death.  Neither have I had problems with my
> GNU/Linux boxes.  From personal experience I would go as far as to say
> that from
> Win2k onwards stability has not been one of Windows' problems.  Most
> people who
> make these statements have not touched Windows since Win98.

Sorry to rain on your parade but I've seen Win XP BSOD a few times. Not
many times I must admit, but by the same token I've never seen a final
release of a Linux distro have a full system crash.

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