[clug] Announcing the ANU Mandrake Mirror

Darren Freeman daz111 at rsphysse.anu.edu.au
Thu Apr 22 04:16:08 GMT 2004

Dear all,

after a long period of setting up and testing (all done while I should
have been working), the ANU Mandrake Mirror is now available to machines
on campus. Many thanks to the former owner of this hostname (you know
who you are).


If your IP address lies within then you should have
access. The specs of the machine are: Athlon XP 2700+, 1GB DDR-333 RAM
with dual-channel, dual WD 80GB drives on a software RAID-1. The machine
gets used for a lot more than an HTTP server so this isn't an invitation
to max out my system ;)

I would appreciate it if any CLUG members familiar with security testing
would probe this address for any obvious vulnerabilities and let me
know. This is of course not an invitation to exploit said
vulnerabilities if they exist ;)

The mirror contains the ISOs for Mandrake 9.1/9.2/10.0community, as well
as the individual files on these CDs (via loopback). It contains the
latest updates for these distros but does not contain cooker (yet).

I have been very successful at net-installing from this machine within
my own department, which is faster than CD installing, and leaves the
machines looking to the server as their source of the CDs too. Very
handy when you want a coulple of packages and you're across campus from
your CD collection! I am happy for others to net-install too although if
the traffic causes problems for our building (100Mbps link) then I might
change my mind. However downloading ISOs and then setting the machines
to access the mirror for a few packages is always OK.

I hope things go well with this arrangement, have fun poking around!
I'll announce this at the CLUG meeting tonight too. The timing coincides
with me getting the hostname, not the meeting.

Have fun,

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