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Peter R. Ellis & family prellis at pcug.org.au
Tue Apr 20 23:14:37 GMT 2004

Please assist on this one. 

I am part of the ‘system’ at this church here in Canberra: We are trying to be at the cutting edge of the digital and multimedia revolution, especially in the religious sector. 

We are in the process of employing someone in the multimedia area to coordinate a national 'open-source religious media archive' (my term) and we're trying to be sensible as well as clever.

As I said, any assistance will be great.

However, please talk to Steve who is talking at the somewhat more technical level than I normally do.


> Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 08:27:19 +1000
> From: "Collins, Steve" <Steve.Collins at industry.gov.au>
> Subject: [clug] Smoothwall/ADSL/DHCP
> I have a friend who's come to me asking for advice on his network setup.  The question he's asked is a little beyond my capabilities.  Here's what he has and what he wants.  Any answers or pointers to ideas would be most welcome.
> ADSL Modem connects to
> Smoothwall 2 box (3 NICs, 1 external, 2 internal) connects to
>   1. "Green" Network (safe internal, DHCP
>   2. "Orange" Network (unsafe internal, DHCP
> He can get boxes on the Green network to connect, and they all work fine with the expected connectivity and IP addresses assigned by the Smoothwall box.  Boxes on the Orange network return an error on trying to connect/obtain a DHCP lease.
> He wants to place a streaming video server and web server for his church on the Orange network, and have those hosts visible to and visible from the outside world, but with no visibility into the Green network.  It may be that Green hosts will want to look into the Orange network also.  At time, the church also hosts meetings/conventions during which visitors are granted access to the Orange network for their laptops, etc.
> He thinks that it may be his DHCP setup that is causing the problem.  He's a pretty smart guy, so technically worded solutions won't scare him.
> Steve
> steve.collins at industry.gov.au

Peter R. Ellis

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