[clug] USB memory stick

Michael Carden crash at michaelcarden.net
Mon Apr 12 06:21:34 GMT 2004

Thanks for the suggestions all.

I hadn't considered a possible hardware fault, so that's a useful avenue for 
investigation. The thing is actually brand new, it was won by a friend who 
didn't need it and passed to me 'as new in the box.' Still, that doesn't mean 
it works, right?

So I opened it up and found that it's made by OTi in Taiwan. It has a Samsung 
32 meg flash IC in it and unused space for another. Under bright light and 
magnification the soldering looks quite nice, but I reflowed the USB 
connector just in case.

No change.

I don't actually have another USB-capable machine to try it in here at the 
moment, so I can't yet see if it fires up readily under, for example, 

As for fdisk and partitions etc, I need to get it to hang on to the system for 
long enough to talk to it first...



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