[clug] debian source nearby?

Harry Konstantinou clug at harry.id.au
Thu Apr 8 12:26:23 GMT 2004

> On Thu, Apr 08, 2004 at 06:00:10PM +1000, Jim Watson wrote:
>> would appreciate suggestions for a better debian source nearby...
>> Err ftp://ftp.au.debian.org unstable/main binutils-sparc
>>   PASS failed, server said: Sorry, this server is full - signup for a
>> premium account? http://planetmirror.com   [IP: 21]
> mirror.aarnet has a mirror, but it's bandwidth-capped.
> Depending on your ISP, they may have a Debian mirror or similar
> handy... I know off hand of two TransACT ISPs who're offering
> Debian, Velocity and Bandwidth Unlimited (which I'm involved with).
> BU is only running apt-proxy, and pulls from mirror.aarnet and
> planetmirror, so it may not be significantly faster anyway.
> BU's is also only for BU TransACT customers... No idea if Velocity's is
> access-limited. :-)
> If you're on the ANU campus, there _was_ a Debian mirror lying
> around, but I don't know if it's still there (I vaguely remember
> it being broken when I moved) and it's i386 only I think.

Paul (and others)

the Velocity one is not restricted to Velocity customers....

http://mirror.vel.net.au  or


Velocity Internet

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