[clug] sec:unclassified Broadband in Gungahlin

James Macnicol jamesm at ee.adfa.edu.au
Mon Apr 5 01:01:36 GMT 2004

> I'm looking to get broadband to my home Mandrake box in Gungahlin.
> I've searched through the CLUG archives for the past 4 months and found
> copious references to same, but I'm afraid the references to splitters,
> routers, bridges, pppoe etc etc etc go right over my head.
> Can anyone either point me to a linux broadband how-to or recommend a
> Linux-friendly supplier who can Just Do It All for me.

    I've just put in OzEmail's ADSL which is very very simple to setup.  The
modem they sent has an Ethernet interface so you just plug it into the port
on your PC, tell your OS to retrieve it's IP number and other stuff via DHCP
and it just works.  No additional software is required.  In fact it seems to
work better with Linux than Windows (XP doesn't get the DNS server addresses
from DHCP for some reason but Linux sees them fine).  I can't speak for
availability in your area, use the form at http://www.ozemail.com.au/ to


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