[clug] image over nfs

Michael James Michael.James at csiro.au
Fri Apr 2 02:53:34 GMT 2004

On Friday 02 April 2004 11:37, James McNeilll wrote:

> I'm wanting to create an image of a host's hard disk that i only have 
> access to over nfs share, so that I can dump it onto a new machine that 
> has identical hardware. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Sounds like my cloneboot system
 that duplicates a hard disk by extending the linuxrc script
 that is part of a boot when initrd is used.

The command that does the copy is this:

rsync -aH --delete --exclude-from /source/etc/clone/exclude-list /source/ /target/

Where the file exclude-list contains this:
cat exclude-list
# file to control the rsync copy onto a new machine

# Just the top level home directory
+ /home/
- /home/*

# just the mount points
+ /media/
+ /media/cdrom/
- /media/cdrom/*
+ /media/floppy/
- /media/floppy/*
- /media/*

# just mount points
+ /mnt/
- /mnt/*
+ /proc/
- /proc/*
+ /tmp/
- /tmp/*

# All directories in /var/log
+ /var/log/**/
- /var/log/*
- /var/log/**/*

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