[clug] looking for (paid)assistance with security audit/policy

Paul Alexander Warren u3292467 at anu.edu.au
Mon Sep 29 12:18:59 EST 2003

Rob Shugg wrote:
> Hey
> We are a small company using debian, mysql and python as a main part of 
> our business, and would like some help in refining our security policy.
> If you can help then please contact me for more information.
> regards
> Rob Shugg


I'd be of limited use, having not much experience with this sort of 
stuff, but I'm interested in security policy and implementation.  I've 
set up a web server for my share house network, with private space for 
everyone, and a firewall/NAT machine to share our dialup link.

My resume is at

Paul Warren
u3292467 at student dot anu dot edu dot au

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