[clug] iptables help

Andrew andrew at donehue.net
Sun Sep 28 13:37:48 EST 2003

Hi All!
        I don't normally like asking for help like this, but I am away from home and in a hurry ;)  I was hoping on solving the following problem....

I have a local network with 2 DSL connections, one is a 1.5Mbit/256K and the other a 512K/512K - I want to pass all http (port 80) traffic through the first link (1.5/256) and everything else through the second (512K/512K).

The first connection is terminated as "ppp0" on a linux (debian) router.  The second is terminated on a hardware router (built in NAT).

The debian box has 3 ethernet interfaces

eth0 - LAN ( - with an ip of
eth1 - Used for the 1.5Mbit connection (ppp0)
eth2 - Used to communicate with the hardware router ( - the hardware router has the address

So - ideally - *LAN* --->  *DEBIAN BOX* ---
                                                             If port 80 ---> ppp0
                                                             Everything else ---> via eth2

Any examples/help/pointers will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,
P.S The tap water in Melbourne tastes funny :\

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