[clug] Tools for merging filesets

David Tulloh u3303664 at anu.edu.au
Wed Sep 24 15:51:00 EST 2003

Gentoo uses a bash script called etc-update to do a similar thing.

etc-update is run after an update to merge changes between old and new 
config files.  However the files it merges are in the same location so 
some tweaking would be required.
filenames it uses are of the form:
/etc/._cfg0001_ntp.conf -> /etc/ntp.conf


Michael.James at csiro.au wrote:
> What tools exist for merging files from differing directory trees?
> This problem could come up when merging
>  a development branch back into a software project.
> In my case it's merging the /etc/** files from an old server
>  back onto a newly installed (upgraded) system.
> Something like:
> 	diff -r | multi-column-merge-tool
> 		same stuff in both files
> 	version 1			version 2
> 		back to agreeing again
>  It puts the differing paragraphs side by side
>  and lets me chose (or overtype) the version I want.
> Be even better if it had hidden meta-files like:
> /etc/opt/kde3/.cvs-meta: Ignore anything in here
> It's a common situation, what tools do people use?

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