[clug] CLUG meeting 25 September 2003

Rasjid Wilcox rasjidw at openminddev.net
Tue Sep 23 22:22:13 EST 2003

Matthew Hawkins wrote:
> Darren Freeman said:
>>I want to hear about rapid prototyping of relatively portable GUI apps.
>>I am hoping to get the same functionality in my lab that others have
>>when using VB or VC++. Preferably in C++ or Python.
> Hi Darren,
> You can rule out free-as-in-beer solutions for Python.  I've recently
> tried them all and they're no good.  No offense to the authors intended,
> this is just my opinion comparing what I've experienced with them to what
> I've seen of Visual MS-Paint Studio.NET

Does this include Python with wxWindows/wxPython?  I am just about to 
embark on a project, and was currently planning on Python / wxPython 
with either Boa-Constructor or wxGlade for GUI creation.  Both Boa and 
wxGlade have recently released new versions - so I'm interested in which 
version(s) your comments are based on.

In any case, I'd be interested in a bit more detail on the "I tried them 
all and they are no good" statement.  Which did you try?  Which did you 
think holds the most promise?  Which has the greatest functionality?

> The best I've come across so far has been ActiveState's Komodo [1] which
> provides a cross-platform and cross-language IDE with a GUI Builder.  If
> you like IDE's you may like Komodo.
> If I wasn't interstate during meeting times I'd demo it before my trial
> key runs out ;)
> [1] http://www.activestate.com/Products/Komodo/

 From the homepage, it looks like Komodo only does Tk GUIs.  Is this 


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