[clug] Strange email messages

Pearl Louis pearl.louis at anu.edu.au
Tue Sep 23 20:57:24 EST 2003


Not really to do with Linux...Besides the latest MS viruses that keep on 
overwhelming my yahoo email account *Sigh* every single day now, those 
viruses fill up my mailbox from 4% full to >100% full, I've been getting 
messages along the line of:

Message from rocketmail.net

I'm afraid the message returned below could not be delivered to the following 

Undeliverable mail to cufnjtswmy at rocketmail.net

Anyone have any idea about what's going on?  I hardly ever send (or usually 
receive any non-spam) email from these addresses.   It just used to be a few 
messages like this, but now they seem to be as numerous as those stupid MS 
viruses that keep on filling up my inbox.


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