[clug] sec: unclassified - Debian3 distro disks?

Ellis, LCDR Peter Peter.Ellis at defence.gov.au
Fri Sep 19 16:56:02 EST 2003

Well, having whetted the appetite for LindowsCD....
And finished the uni assignments for the year...

I am in need of a copy of the Debian3 disks as in the APC cover-CDs of three
issues ago (July or August, I forget which) OR SIMILAR... [My disks return a
message something like "some-file-name/qwerty/asd/zxc/??? is corrupt" while
a goodly way into the installation.]

Can anyone assist me this weekend? 

I am a north-sider -- Belconnen - and, while I have already had an offer
from Isabella Plains, would appreciate a pick-up from nearby. I am also VERY
likely to have to travel to QBN to assist with the HQ for the Brindabella
Motor Sport Club car rally tomorrow (Saturday) so anywhere inner-north or
Manuka-ish would be achievable, too. 

Please reply direct to my (h) account prellis at pcug.org.au

With thanks,

In case you wondered, I have a monthly meeting on the same night as CLUG so
I can never get there!

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