[clug] ALPHA machines??

Randall Crook rcrook at vtown.com.au
Thu Sep 18 23:25:14 EST 2003

On Thu, 2003-09-18 at 10:30, Tim Potter wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 18, 2003 at 03:03:13AM +1000, Jepri wrote:
> > Alphas were very popular, just not with home users (they aren't intel 
> > compatible).  You have an excellent chance of picking up a cheapie.  
> > Keep an eye on Hyman's auction house in Fyshwick, they often have 
> > ex-govie units.  Prices are generally very reasonable but bidding can 
> > get vicious when two nerds want the same machine.
> > 
> > Paul Warren wrote:
> > 
> > >I've been playing (working for UNI really)  with the SC at the
> > >"Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing" which is a 512 * 4 ALPHA
> > >21264 @ 1.15 GHz,  And I like it.  ALPHA is good!
> > >
> > Alpha *was* good.
> Alphas are still competitive, despite the fact that you can't buy
> them.  It will be interesting to see the architecture chosen for
> APAC2 though!
> Tim.

You can still buy them from HP. I am currently looking after a bunch of
them in a SCADA system. Just installed two brand spanking new DS20s'.
They are still good.

I have also got an old AlphaStation 250 running Debian 3.0. A bit slow
when it comes to flying some of the Koffice stuff, but works just fine
for most stuff (even got the Sound Card working :-).

Randall Crook
rcrook at vtown.com.au

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