[clug] ALPHA machines??

Paul Warren u3292467 at student.anu.edu.au
Wed Sep 17 23:09:43 EST 2003

Hi All.

I've been reading through the old Linux Journal magazines I acquired
from Ben Elliston.  One Thing I've noticed is that back then (1998-2000)
 there were a lot of ads for ALPHA based systems, from Aopen, VAR, etc. 
Every second page almost.  What I was wondering is, Did anyone actually
buy an ALPHA system?  Were they at all popular?  and what are my chances
of picking up a (cheap) second hand one to play with? 

I've been playing (working for UNI really)  with the SC at the
"Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing" which is a 512 * 4 ALPHA
21264 @ 1.15 GHz,  And I like it.  ALPHA is good!

Another thing anyone got a spare PCMCIA network card I could
buy/borrow/beg  ?

Paul Warren
u3292467 at anu dot edu dot au

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