[clug] Re: mail from Fatima Iyesa Ismiana (now very OT, sorry)

Darren Freeman daz111 at rsphysse.anu.edu.au
Mon Sep 15 19:07:02 EST 2003

On Mon, 2003-09-15 at 00:17, Samuel Birbeck wrote:
> allowance to the hall. $10 gets me 83.3mb of download credit. Does 
> anyone have any idea how this compares to what it actually costs the 
> uni per meg? I'm assuming someone here has something to do with DOI at 
> the uni - perhaps not!

A quote from the bill I got. This is what the RSPhysSE pays internally.

Note - Cost of incoming traffic for 2003:
International = $0.08/MB   Domestic (Aust) = $0.04/MB   AARnet =

> -- Sam


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