[clug] WebOne & StGeorge Banking [OT]

shayne flint shayne at flint-family.net
Fri Sep 12 16:45:19 EST 2003

On Friday 12 September 2003 16:22, Mark Triggs wrote:
> "Geoff Smith" <gsmith at geoffco.net> writes:
> > Is anyone else on WebOne having problems connecting to the StGeorge bank
> > website (www.stgeorge.com.au)???? Everything else seems to be OK, but I
> > haven't been able to connect to this site since earlier this week. I've
> > tested through other ISPs and it's definately online.
> >
> > Just checking...
> I know "works for me" isn't what you want to hear, but.. :o)
> I think there's some funny business going on, though. I've lost access
> to news.webone.com.au a couple of times in the last few weeks while
> friends on webone reported no problems.

I spoke with iiNet about this yesterday. They told me that some IP addresses 
allocated when you connect to Transact do not allow you to use news. The fix 
is to disconnect and reconnect until you get an IP that works!!!!

You may have also noticed that usage figures as reported by the new WebOne 
'toolbox' are crazy. They are only recording usage on some connections - may 
be related to the above IP issue. Their 'fix' will be to send Webone/Transact 
users a weekly email containing usage data as recorded by Transact - fat lot 
of use that'll be at the end of the month!!

What a mess!!

> Cheers,
> Mark
> (whose new mantra is "it's just transition hiccups")

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