[clug] Spare 120GB hard drive and case

deece at newmillennium.net.au deece at newmillennium.net.au
Thu Sep 11 12:34:08 EST 2003

I've got a spare IDE hard drive and case left over from an order. Both are 
brand new with full warranty.

The hard drive is a 120GB Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 (2MB cache) - asking $180 
(selling for $215 at Cougar - http://www.cougar.com.au/index.cfm?
ID=33&PART=9183&RequestTimeout=120 )

The case is an aluminium USB 2.0 case, which takes 3.5" hard drives and has an 
external power supply and desk stand. Asking $120 (a similar plastic case is 
selling for $135 at Cougar - http://www.cougar.com.au/index.cfm?
ID=33&PART=8963&RequestTimeout=120 )

Alastair D'Silva
Networking Consultant
New Millennium Networking

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