[clug] Excellent article on GPL and IP

Richard richard_c at tpg.com.au
Thu Sep 11 10:11:54 EST 2003

Quoting Matthew Hawkins <matt at mh.dropbear.id.au>:
> Quick!  Phone Indonesia, that poor guy is going to get the death penalty
> for blowing people up when its obvious the real culprit are the people who
> got blown up - if they weren't there in the first place, he wouldn't have
> had to provide that Islamic community service!

Hmmm... Been awhile since I weighed into a CLUG argument; maybe I should wait until the 
alcopops wear off... Not likely.

Let's begin with the "it's a joke" argument. I think we can all figure out that Jeremy's taking 
the piss, all you have to do is take account of his rather oblique sense of humour and you're 
there. Obviously a bit oblique for the previous respondent; to say nothing of my own ham 
fisted interpretations.

If there was further proof required, We (as in the royal "We"; God is obviously on my side, 
because I'm right) could imagine that those in Indonesia were merely convenient targets for a 
group pissed at American interests. Jeremy is suggesting that we cut off "demand"; and you're 
suggesting those convenient opportunities to vent anger (ie: citizens) should be targetted; 
but let's not dwell on facts. Let us, instead, allow ourselves to dive headlong into random 
ridicule of real relativities (not sure if that makes sense, but it does alliterate nicely).

I can feel sensible argument slipping from my (rather inebriated) grasp. Basically, let's be 
honest; while I'm "full", you're "full of it".

I think that there's a suggestion in your email that Jeremy is attacking the wrong people. I 
suspect that you are, in fact, one of those in need of said "enlargement" treatments; and 
you're getting more than a little defensive about being blamed for the Internet's spam 
problem. I didn't want to break the news here, but I think you have indeed "exposed" 
the "news" to the world first.


P.S.: I disclaim any reposibility for this email; and I blame any wrongdoing on the owners of 
the Smirnoff brand. Bastards.

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