[clug] Excellent article on GPL and IP

Jepri jepri at webone.com.au
Wed Sep 10 16:05:37 EST 2003

Stephen Jenkin wrote:

>The upshot is why we don't have Junk Fax anymore - the sender _pays_.
>SPAM is rampant because there is no consequence [ie cost] to the sender.
>If recipients could bill back their charges [or recoup them from their
>ISP], SPAM would stop _very_ quickly.

This is factually incorrect.  See:


Also, telemarketing works on the same principles, and they aren't out of 
business.  Realistically, they just have to make more money than they 
loose by sending the adverts.

The real way to stop this is to track down the ten people who keep 
buying enlargement pills and whotnot, and stop them.

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