[clug] kernel 2.6.0 build has all symbols unresolved

Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Wed Sep 10 10:07:53 EST 2003

Eyal Lebedinsky said:
> I am on debian and I see (apt-cache) no module-init-tools. However I do
> have the package:

> ii  modutils       2.4.15-1       Linux module utilities.

This is the old legacy no-good (well, for 2.6) one.  You need
module-init-tools, I'm fairly certain the debian package is named that
too, but maybe its only available in unstable and perhaps testing.  I'm
nowhere near a Linux box to check for you :~(If you're running stable, you can either add the sources for
unstable/testing and rebuild or you can add the binaries, set stable as
your default in apt.preferences and upgrade just module-init-tools and its
requirements (and not the whole system).

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