[clug] Making shadow passwords compulsory

Michael.James at csiro.au Michael.James at csiro.au
Tue Sep 9 15:31:03 EST 2003

The passwd utility has a bit of undesired behaviour on my Suse system.

Most of my users don't have entries in shadow,
 they depend on pam_krb5 for authentication.

So /etc/shadow is very short,
 it only has lines for root and a few systems users
 who need to get in even if the network is down.

I want for everyone else to be denied
 even the possibility of a locally stored password.

Now in the past (under solaris) passwd would grumble and fail
 unless that username had a line present in shadow.

THIS passwd just bungs the encrypted string into /etc/passwd! Argh!
How can I suppress this obnoxious obsequiousness on the part of passwd?


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