[clug] Causing a kernel oops

Dale Shaw DShaw at exceed.com.au
Wed Sep 3 10:39:18 EST 2003

OpenBSD's kernel debugger ('ddb') has a hangman command that's very
useful after a panic..

 hangman [/s[0-9]]
        This is a tiny and handy tool for random kernel hangs analy-
        sis, of which its depth is controlled by the optional argu-
        ment of the default value of five.  It uses some sophisticat-
        ed heuristics to spot the global symbol that caused the hang.
        Since the discovering algorithm is a probabilistic one, you
        may spend substantial time to figure the exact symbol name.
        This smart thing requires a little of your attention, the in-
        put it accepts is mostly of the same format as that of the
        famous hangman(6) game, to which it, apparently, is obliged
        by the name.  Hint: the nm(1) utility might help.

Hangman (which stands for "hangs maniacal analyzer") first appeared in
OpenBSD 1.2.



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Or you could code in a game of ASCII-tetris that can only be played from
an OOPS()... A panic would have ASCII-asteroids of course, complete with
PC-speaker sound effects. Who wouldn't want that hard-coded into their
high-reliability server?

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