[clug] Causing a kernel oops

Andrew Pollock andrew-clug at andrew.net.au
Tue Sep 2 13:08:16 EST 2003


One of my colleagues was reading a security advisory about something that 
caused a kernel oops, and asked what a kernel oops was.

I seem to recall reading somewhere in the past (Bugtraq) about a test 
kernel module you could insert into a kernel that would cause an oops. I 
believe there's actually a system call or something to do it, but I don't 
know the specifics, and I can't find a reference with Google (I drown in 
bug reports no matter how I word my query).

Does anyone more in the know with kernel internals than I either know how 
to bang up a module that will cause a kernel oops, or know of the module 
source I'm referring to?

Just want to demonstrate an oops on my PC.



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