[clug] New Modem?

Andrew Smith andrew at coolchilli.com
Mon Sep 1 10:15:00 EST 2003

Hi Felix,

I think it's likely a software/pppd options problem that your modem.

If you add a 'debug' line into your /etc/ppp/options file and check the
syslog output, you should see some IPCP negotiation which may give you a

Failing that post the syslog output against 'pppd' your /etc/ppp/options and
/etc/ppp/options.ttySn (n being your modem line) if you have one.


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> I am currently the proud owner of a Maestro Jetstream Modem - originally
> 56KFlex, custom-upgraded to V90.
> My personal logon script (using pppd with specified options) worked when
> logging on to WebOne; it does not currently work when trying to log on
> to my new ISP.  This appears to relate to some compression options that
> may need to be disabled in the pppd routine.  If, instead of using
> "pppd", I use "kppp" to "log on" the problem vanishes.
> So is it primarily a software problem or a hardware problem?
> I realise that my modem is now some 10 years old and modem technology
> has not stood still.  But I do not want to upgrade just to have access
> to additional features that I will never use.
> All advice will be gratefully received.
> Felix Karpfen
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