[clug] Sun regional delegate program - free trip to Adelaide!

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Thu Oct 30 21:20:20 EST 2003

Sun is once again offering free trips to LCA in the form of the
"Regional Delegate Program" for the upcoming Linux conference in
Adelaide. We have been asked to nominate a deserving individual from
CLUG to receive this years trip from Canberra.

We discussed this at last weeks meeting, and came up with a proposed
selection method. The rules are as follows:

 1) the challenge is bring along to the November CLUG meeting a
    demonstration of the oldest hardware running with Linux. It
    doesn't need to be a complete machine that is old, it is fine to
    demonstrate some ancient card, adapter or add-on equipment, as
    long as you can show it working in some way with Linux.

 2) the judges decision is final. Everyone who attends the November
    CLUG meeting is a judge.

 3) only people who do not currently have financial support to attend
    LCA'04 will be considered.

 4) if two bits of equipment are of similar age then the more
    interesting bit of hardware will win. See rule (2) for

 5) The winner will receive travel and accomodation for LCA'04 in
    Adelaide from Sun.

If anyone really wants to win, but doesn't have any ancient equipment
then I would suggest raiding someone elses junk cupboard. I have quite
a lot of old equipment at home, so if you want to borrow some then
give me a call. I suspect that Bod Edwards from DCS at ANU would also
be a good source of old stuff.

Good luck!

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