[clug] [dclug] USA TODAY, Money: "I'm naked with Linus Torval ds' father." (fwd)

Michael Carden michaelc at panasonic.com.au
Thu Oct 30 12:42:25 EST 2003

Gee thanks Mikal. The mindscape you have created with the suggestion of CLUG
+ nudity will have me waking up screaming and sweating night after night

MC - traumatised

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Ok. N101 needs a sauna.

And a frozen lake.

Bob, if we take up a collection, can then this be arranged?



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Great opening line, and a frightening concept for a LUG meeting... ;-)

See "Technology" by Kevin Maney, in the Money Section of USA TODAY for
October 29, 2003.  On the web at:

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